Meeting 17th October 2014





Bill Ludwig(Mayor of Livingstone Council) – (BL)

Phil Luzzi(Bendigo Bank and Emu Park RSL) – (PL)

Tom Wyatt(Councillor Livingstone Council) – (TW)

Greg Thomasson(Bendigo Bank) – (GT)

Jack Parr(Emu Park RSL) – (JP)

Denis Ratcliffe(Emu Park Lions Club) – (DR)

Barry Vains(Emu Park RSL) – Secretary(BV)


Graham Scott(Deputy Chair Livingstone Council) – Chairman(GS)

Bruce Young(State Member for Keppel) – (BY)

David Young(HomecorpGroup) – (DY)

Colleen Williams(Bendigo Bank) – (CW)

Phil McKone(Manager Planning & Design Livingstone Council)

Bob Blair(Indigenous Australian Representative) – (BB)

Bill Gannon(Project Contractor)


Glenda Mather(Councillor Livingstone Council)

Noel Brady

Kath Coulter

Mark Edmistone

Noel Gardner(NGGA Civil Engineers – Project Manager)

Scott Nicholas(NGGA Civil Engineers – Project Manager)

In the absence of the committee Chairman, Graham Scott, the meeting was chaired by committee Secretary, Barry Vains.


5 September 2014 and 12 September 2014

Minutes for meetings held on Friday5 September 2014 and Friday 12 September 2014 were tabled and it was agreed that minutes were a true record of the meetings.


Stage 1 of Project Progress

Project Manager’s Report

Noel Gardner reported the status of works as follows:

  • Design of the road widening, earthworks profiling,kerb and channelling, and drainage is complete. The works have been sent out for quotations and Brosnan Earthmoving has been appointed to do the construction. These works in and adjacent to the Memorial Court will commence next week and is programmed for 4 weeks.
  • The concrete works (paths, main precinct slab etc) have been designed and quotations called; quotes are all received and are being considered and reviewed; the concreting works will commence after the Brosnanworks in 1 above are completedie in about 4 weeks time.
  • Geotech investigation is complete and the information is being prepared for inclusion in the Boardwalk Tender.
  • Boardwalk has been set out on the ground which was done to allow the architect to review and finalise his drawings so that tenders can be called. We await these final drawings
  • Electrical and lighting design is being worked on.

Project Consultants Report

Bill Gannon was absent from meeting and no report was available.

The Acting Chair advised that:

  • Bill has been meeting with RSL’s Memorial Walk Sub-Committee members.
  • Bill recently travelled to Canberra and met with a representative of the Australian War Memorial to discuss aspects of the project and has provided a written report.

Council Report

The Mayor of the Livingstone Shire Council, Bill Ludwig provided a report as follows:

  • Following the acceptance of the design concept for Stage I of the project presented by the Project Consultants (Alderson and Gannon) at the meeting on 12 September 2014, the Project Manager’s preliminary costing for the Stage 1 of the project came in at $1.7million.
  • Committed funds presently stand at $930,000 and the Council feels it can handle a Stage 1 budget of around $1.2million subject to getting in- kind donations to make up the balance.
  • Given that the total project is to be completed over a 3 year period, some works in Stage 1 such as the Boardwalk Gateway(excluding viewing deck) and possibly some memorial and landscaping works associated with the memorial courtmay/will be delayed to get cost down. It is planned that these works be completed in the 2nd half of 2015 when funds are available.
  • Any federal funds accessed for the project are likely to be received in the 2015/16 Federal Budget period.
  • Further, the infrastructure roadwork costs to be undertaken in Stage 1 will be re-allocated to the Council’s generalroadworks budget.
  • Council will also be approaching businesses and contractors as follows for donations or work in kind:
  • Supplier of sandstone.
  • Ergon will/may contribute around $35,000.
  • Barlow’s will donate top soil and sand and endeavour to get subbies to transport at reduced or no cost.
  • Kev Doolan and Big Al may provide about 500sqmetres of turf each.
  • Approach is to be made to Tanby Concrete for a reduction in concrete cost.
  • He has spoken with the State Member for Keppel, Bruce Young and they will be approaching the State Minister for Indigenous Affairs, Glen Elms, to see if he will partner with the Federal Minister and provide funds so that the project can incorporate the recognition of World War 1 indigenous Australian soldiers.

Funding Progress

State Government Centenary of ANZAC Funding

At meeting held on 5 September 2014, Chairman advised that Council has made an application for $80,000 in 2nd funding round which closed on 12 August last.

The Acting Chair advised that the result of this funding submission will be known sometime next month.

Approaches to the Federal Member for Capricornia

See Council Report under Stage 1 of Project Progress Report.

Approaches to Corporate Businesses

Ergon Energy

See Council Report under Stage 1 of Project Progress Report.

Holcin Concrete Supplier

BL advised that it has been decided not to approach the company for in kind support for project.

Emu Park RSL Sub-Branch

The Acting Chair reported that:

  • TheSub-Branch’s submission to RSL(Queensland Branch) for a contribution of $50,000 towards the project has been successful.
  • The Sub-Branch has sent letters to its membership seeking donations towards the project and funds are starting to come in.

Emu Park Lions Club Contribution.

DR explained that:

  • The Lions Club intend to donate $15,000 towards the project and then seek another $15,000 from its national body by way of a grant.
  • To support their grant application, documentation such as a plan of the building and a costing to show what the monies would go towards is needed.


BL suggested that:

  • The Lions select one of the two viewing platforms to be built in Stage 1 works.
  • Once the selection is made, the Lions contact the Project Manager and obtain copies of the viewing platform plan and the costing.


The Acting Chair referred to a proposal by JP which was circulated to committee members by email.


  • Spoke to his proposal.
  • Said that he was worried about funding constraints and proposed that we:
  • Appoint a Financial Co-ordinator for the project.
  • Make a fundraising effort to raise further funds.


  • Advised that the Council is the Financial Co-ordinator for the project and now has a sharp focus on the costs for Stage 1 of the project.
  • Suggested thatthe raising of funds from the corporate business sector be left to the Counciland the RSL and Lions focus on raising private funds through their club efforts.

Memorial Walk Sub-Committee

JP reported that the committee has had on-going meetings with contractor, Bill Gannon, to discuss the memorial aspects of the project.

Donation Board

At meeting held on 11 July 2014, the Secretary:

  • Advised that he had suggested to BL that a request be made to the Capricorn Coast Mirror that they print a donations tally for the project in each weekly edition of the paper.
  • He believes BL has approached the editor of the paper and she has agreed.

At meeting held on 8 August 2014, BL:

  • Advised that he had spoken to the editor about proposal but she is now away on holidays.
  • Suggested that data be feed through Meegan Armstrong at Council once a month.

BL advised that Trish Bowman has resigned from the Capricorn Coast Mirror and has accepted a position in the Mayor’s Office of Council.

It was decided that Kath Coulter and the Secretary work through Trish Bowman in the Mayor’s Office to get articles in the Capricorn Coast Mirror concerning fundraising.

Recognition of New Zealand Involvement

At meeting held on 8 August 2014, JP suggested that:

  • The New Zealand involvement needs to be recognised via an interpretive panel.
  • The local Capricorn Coast New Zealand expats need to be engaged and consulted.
  • The New Zealand Consulate in Canberra be also contacted.

At that meeting it was decided to put matter on hold until we decide what interpretive panels will go along the walkway.

JP advised that matter has not been progressed at this stage.

Commemoration/Opening of Stage 1

The Acting Chair advised that at the last meeting of the Centenary of ANZAC Commemorative Week Co-ordinating  Committee,it was decided that the commemoration/opening of  Stage 1 of the project take place on site at 1pm on Saturday 18 April 2015.

Festival of the Wind.

At meeting held on 5 September 2014, Kath Coulter:

  • Advised that the committee organising this event through the Lions’ Club has decided to move the event to Sunday 26 April 2015.
  • Suggested that the event be linked to the Centenary of ANZAC commemoration events.

At that meeting, the Secretary advised that he has made arrangements for the President of the Festival of the Wind Committee, Di Roper, to attend the next meeting of the Centenary of ANZAC Commemorative Week Co-ordinating Committee when it is held.

The Acting Chair advised that a representative for Di Roper attended the last meeting and Di Roper is now on the committee.

Fundraising Thermometer.

GT suggested that a fundraising thermometer be built and placed in the main street of Emu Park.

GT is to follow suggestion up and report back to the committee.

Bendigo Bank.

PL advised that:

  • He sent a letter to Council some time ago requesting that he be supplied with a costing for the boardwalk.
  • He needs this as part of the documentation to have the Bendigo Bank donation of $150,000 paid the Emu Park RSL Sub-Branch.

BL advised that the costing is now available and suggested that he approach the Project Manager for a copy of the costing for the boardwalk.


Friday 28 November 2014 at 4pm at the Emu park RSL Sub-Branch..




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