Meeting 31st March 2015





Bill Ludwig(Mayor of Livingstone Council) – (BL)

Phil Luzzi(Bendigo Bank and Emu Park RSL) – (PL)

Tom Wyatt(Councillor Livingstone Council) – (TW)

Jack Parr(Emu Park RSL) – (JP)

Denis Ratcliffe(Emu Park Lions Club) – (DR)

Barry Vains(Emu Park RSL) – Secretary(BV)


Bob Blair(Indigenous Australian Representative) – (BB)

Graham Scott(Deputy Mayor Livingstone Council) – Chairman(GS)

Michelle Landry(Federal Member for Capricornia)

Noel Brady(Emu Park RSL)


Glenda Mather(Councillor Livingstone Council)

Brittany Lauga(State Member for Keppel)

Kath Coulter

Mark Edmistone(Emu Park RSL)

Phil McKone(Manager Planning & Design Livingstone Council)

Bill Gannon(Project Contractor)

Noel Gardner(NGGA Civil Engineers – Project Manager)

Scott Nichols(NGGA Civil Engineers – Project Manager)



In the absence of the Committee Chairman, Graham Scott, the meeting was chaired by the Secretary, Barry Vains.


The Acting Chairman welcomed the new State Member for Keppel, Brittany Lauga to the meeting.


3 March 2015

The minutes of meeting held on Tuesday3 March 2015were tabled and it was agreed that the minutes were a true record of the meeting.


Stage 1 of Project Progress

Project Manager’s Report

A written report by Noel Gardneron the status of works to date was tabled and the main points advised and outlinedwere as follows:

Concrete Works

  • Works are 95% complete.
  • Path connection to boardwalk is still to be completed.


  • Landscaping is underway and by this Thursday all irrigation, turf and trees are expected to be in place.
  • Planting of rosemary will be undertaken after Easter


  • This work is 95% complete.
  • Small items like the plinth and the specialised printing in the sandstone are yet to be resolved.

The Boardwalk

  • Construction is proceeding without any undue issues.
  • The Contractor’s programme is aiming for completion by 24 April but as noted previously, this is tight, but is the current aim point and considered to be achievable.
  • The Contractor’s work does not allow for or include an access off the Northern Viewing Platform.
  • The current design is for future access to eventually lead up to the Singing Ship.
  • An interim design for stairs up to the Singing Ship is being priced at present, but this item is outside the budget and it is unlikely it will  fit into the current budget.

Electrical Work

  • The electrical work was requoted as the first pricing coincided with the cyclone reconstruction works and this pushed prices beyond the budget.
  • Requote includes adjusted lights and more time to allow better pricing on switchboards for example.
  • Consequently, power will not be on by ANZAC Day.


  • The project is slightly over the $1.405million budget as far as it can be projected at this point.
  • There are a host of minor additional works that are only coming to be finalised in quantum at this end of the project.


  • All the artwork items except the pictorial screen will be invoiced either to the Emu Park RSL or the Emu Park Lions.
  • Only the 15m long x 3m high steel Rear Backing Sheet, the footings and its erection is in the project budget.
  • The Emu Park RSL and Emu Park Lions will need to meet the cost of the sandstone plinth, the placement of figures on the pictorial screen, and the project signage.

The project manager advised that theboardwalk contractor is making every endeavour to have the boardwalk completed for the opening on 18 April 2015.

Bill Gannon is to liaise with PL and DR concerning the payment of art work invoices as required.

Project Consultants Report

A written report by Bill Gannon on the status of the art work was tabled and the main points advised and outlined were as follows:


ANZAC Landing Class Art Work

  • The glass art work is being produced in Melbourne.
  • The ‘sandwiched’ painting reinforced glass technique takes a number of processes.
  • The large version of the painting is reasonably complex and time consuming to produce.
  • The artworks are booked to arrive on site on Friday 17 April.
  • One of the sandstone plinths is already in position being on the seaward side of the path around the observation mound.
  • The second plinth with inscription is being prepared.
  • Thick side supports of wood are also being prepared.
  • The side explanatory panel will be on an adjacent 1.2m high upright plinth.
  • The Emu Park Lions Club has paid the deposit for the glass art work.

Memorial Court – Pictorial Screen

  • The wide semi-circular backdrop is well advanced.
  • The footings have been in place for a couple of weeks.
  • The posts and cor-ten screen are being prepared and are expected to be installed prior to Easter.
  • The figures on the screen are being prepared by Expert Laser Solutions in Mackay and are to be delivered in the week after Easter for installation soon after.

Information Panels

  • History
  • 3 panels as per Jack Parr’s poster-size pieces.
  • Only the top headings have been changed for a font lettering to match other site project lettering.
  • Project Board
  • This is a Council board briefly describing project elements on a simplified map.
  • It includes reference to: Ross Coulter and project vision; the current and future stages; and project partners.

All these boards will be placed near the proposed Gallery and erected around 14 April 2015.


  • Two large titles “ANZAC COURT” and “MEMORIAL WALK” are being prepared on sandstone.
  • The lettering matches the “Lone Pine” font at the cemetery at Lone Pine.
  • The project graphic artist prepared a lettering template and the work is being undertaken by a stone mason.

Council Report

No report was provided.

Funding Progress

State Government

Brittany Laugaadvised that:

  • That as part of an election promise she made, there is $250,000 available for development of the Emu Park foreshore in the vicinity of the Emu Park Surf Life Saving Club
  • She is in the process of calling a meeting with stakeholders in the next two weeks to discuss what needs to be done.
  • She is prepared to discuss and consider further State funding to assist with the completion of the Centenary of ANZAC Project.

Approaches to the Federal Member for Capricornia

The Acting Chairman advised that matter is ongoing with the local Federal Member, Michelle Landry.

Approaches to Corporate Businesses

There was nothing further to report at this time.

Ergon Energy

Matter has not progressed at this stage.

Emu Park RSL Sub-Branch

The Acting Chairman reported that:

  • The Sub-Branch’s fundraising activities is ongoing and around $20,000 has been raised so far for the project.
  • The Yeppoon Coral Society recently ran two concerts with proceeds going to the project.
  • $2,763 was raised and presented to the Emu Park RSL.

Emu Park Lions Club Contribution.

DR reported that he had nothing to report.

Emu Park Bendigo Bank Contribution

PL reported that the $150,000 contribution to the project recently received from the Emu Park Bendigo Bank to the project has been placed on IBD with the Bendigo Bank to raise interest funds for the project.


Proposed Project Open Day

At meeting held on 3 March 2015, the committee members agreed with Secretary’s thoughts on the matter and decided to defer the Open Day until later in the year.

Memorial Walk Sub-Committee

Refer to Project Consultant’s Report earlier in the minutes.

Recognition of New Zealand Involvement

At meeting held on 8 August 2014, JP suggested that:

  • The New Zealand involvement needs to be recognised via an interpretive panel.
  • The local Capricorn Coast New Zealand expats need to be engaged and consulted.
  • The New Zealand Consulate in Canberra be also contacted.

At that meeting it was decided to put matter on hold until we decide what interpretive panels will go along the walkway.

JP advisedthat there was nothing further to report at this time.

Fundraising Thermometers.

At meeting held on 3 March 2015, PL advised that the two thermometers have been made but the signature signage is yet to be finalised.

PL advised that Greg Thomasson has made no progress with matter and suggested that the thermometers be used in the next stage of the project.

CWA Rotunda.

BL reported that:

  • The Emu Park CWA has applied for $5,000 through the Council/Keppel Bay Sailing Club grant scheme.
  • However, he feels that they need to be applying for other grant funding such as the State Gaming fund.

Donation Letter to Ratepayers

At meeting held on 28 November 2014, TW suggested that a letter be sent to Livingstone Shire Council ratepayers seeking private donations for the project.

At meeting held on 3 March 2015, the committee decide to defer matter for the time being given the cyclone situation.

Centenary of ANZAC Logo

It was decided that the logo not be used due to the difficulty encountered in gaining approval for its use.

Project Board

Refer to project Consultant’s Report.

Opening of Stage 1 of Project

The Acting Chairman advised that:

  • The Centenary of ANZAC commemorations Working Party is planning the opening and this committee will meet this Thursday.
  • Invitations are about to go out to VIP’s.

Thank You


  • Expressed his amazement at how fast the project has progressed in recent months.
  • On behalf of the committee extended a vote of thanks to:
  • Project Managers, Noel and Scott.
  • Project Consultant, Bill.
  • And Council Manager Planning & Design, Phil.

Inspection of Site

Committee undertook an inspection of the site.


To be advised.



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