Meeting 27th June 2014





Bruce Young(State Member for Keppel) -(BY)

Denis Ratcliffe(Emu Park Lions Club) – (DR)

Greg Thomasson(Bendigo Bank) – (GT)

Barry Vains(Emu Park RSL) – Secretary (BV)


Graham Scott(Deputy Chair Livingstone Council) -Chairman(GS)

Bill Ludwig(Mayor Livingstone Council) – (BL)

Jack Parr(Emu Park RSL) – (JP)

Phil Luzzi(Bendigo Bank and Emu Park RSL) – (PL)

Tom Wyatt(Councillor Livingstone Council) – (TW)

Glenda Mather(Councillor Livingstone Council)

David Young(Homecorp Pty Ltd) – (DY)

Colleen Williams(Bendigo Bank) – (CW)

Lance Cummings(Bendigo Bank)

Kate Coulter

Michelle Landry(Federal Member for Capricornia)

Phil McKone(Manager Planning & Design Livingstone Council)

MeeganArmstrong(Media Livingstone Council )


Jason Gustafson(Design Office Livingstone Shire Council)


In the absence of the Chairman of the committee, the meeting was chaired by Barry Vains.


15 May 2014

No minutes for this meeting have been completed at this stage.

30 May 2014

No minutes for this meeting have been completed at this stage.

13 June 2014

Minutes for meeting held on Friday 13 June 2014 were tabled and it was agreed that minutes were a true record of the meeting.


Given the very high level of non – attendance, little business was transacted.

Stage 1 Project Progress

Council Report

Jason Gustafson tabled the following:

  1. A sample of a new product that does not rust and is guaranteed by the supplier for 40 years.
  2. Information pamphlets on pre – fabricated buildings that could be used for Lion’s rotunda.
  3. A preliminary drawing of the route the memorial walk is to take.

Members went out on site and walked the route.

Jason explained the type of materials that could be used for the walkway and advised and explained how a combination of a cement path and a boardwalk could be used for the route.

Jason was asked to cost the walkway using concrete where appropriate and a boardwalk in the other areas.

Landscape Architect

It was noted at the meeting held on 13 March 2014 that Mark Fuller is in England and project will progress without him at this stage.

Meeting Chairman was absent and a further report was not provided.

Funding Progress

Bendigo Bank

No report provided.

State Government Funding


  1. Advised that Livingstone Council’s application for $80,000 for Centenary of ANZAC funding for memorials was unsuccessful as the application was not specific and did not address the criteria.
  2. Advised that a further round of funding opened today, 27 June 2014, and closes on 12 August 2014.
  3. Suggested that an application for funding be submitted in this round

Approaches to the Federal Member for Capricornia

The Secretary advised that Michelle Landry had advised him by email that she was an apology for the meeting.

So far there has been no funding committed by the Federal Government.

Approaches to Corporate Businesses

Ergon Energy

The Secretary tabled email dated 18 June 2014 received from David Young advising the following:

  1. He has now made a presentation to the State Minister for Energy and Water Supply, Mark McArdle.
  2. This is in the form of seeking Ergon to contribute their resources with regard to assisting in the completion of the ANZAC Park project.
  3. The action sought is not a cash donation but to assist the community in delivery of the electrical services and infrastructure to the project at no cost.

Emu Park RSL Sub-Branch

The Secretary advised that there has been no news on whetherthe Sub-Branch’s submission to RSL(Queensland) for a contribution of $50,000 towards the project has been successful.

Emu Park Lions Club Contribution.

DR had discussions with Jason at meeting regarding the Lion’s rotunda.

Letter to Residents on Capricorn Coast.

In minutes of meeting of 26 September 2013,TW:

  1. Proposed that a letter drop to all Capricorn Coast region residents seeking support and donations for the project be undertaken once the new council is in place.
  2. Undertook to do up a draft design for the letter.

Matter will be considered further after the launch of the project.


Project Media Launch.

It was decided at meeting held on 13 June 2014 that a media launch be held at the Emu Park RSL at 10 am on Friday 25 July 2014 following the announcement of the Livingstone Shire Council Budget for 2014/15 earlier in the week.

Members present agreed that planning for the media launch needs urgent attention and discussion at a meeting.

Memorial Walk Sub-Committee

No member of the Sub-Committee was present to provide a report.

French Ambassador Visit

It was decided at the meeting held on 13 March 2014 that the Chairman was to informally approach the French Ambassador about opening the project launch.

The Chairman was absent from meeting and no report was provided.

Gallipoli Pines

The Secretary reported at meeting held on 13 June 2014 that the Turkish Ambassador had replied to the Emu Park RSL Sub-Branch’s letter and advised that Gallipoli pine seedlings are available in Australia.

Matter needs to be discussed with TW.

Donation Board

At meeting held on 10 April 2014, TW suggested that we consider erecting a Donation Board to acknowledge donors and keep a tally of donations.

Matter was not discussed.


To be advised.




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