Meeting 16th January 2015





Bill Ludwig(Mayor of Livingstone Council) – (BL)

Phil Luzzi(Bendigo Bank and Emu Park RSL) – (PL)

Tom Wyatt(Councillor Livingstone Council) – (TW)

Jack Parr(Emu Park RSL) – (JP)

Denis Ratcliffe(Emu Park Lions Club) – (DR)

Bob Blair(Indigenous Australian Representative) – (BB)

Barry Vains(Emu Park RSL) – Secretary(BV)


Graham Scott(Deputy Mayor Livingstone Council) – Chairman(GS)

Michelle Landry(Federal Member for Capricornia)

Bruce Young(State Member for Keppel) – (BY)

Mark Edminstone


Glenda Mather(Councillor Livingstone Council)

Kath Coulter

Noel Brady(Emu Park RSL)

Phil McKone(Manager Planning & Design Livingstone Council)

Bill Gannon(Project Contractor)

Noel Gardner(NGGA Civil Engineers – Project Manager)


In the absence of the Committee Chairman, Graham Scott, the meeting was chaired by the Secretary, Barry Vains.

Bill Ludwig arrived at meeting at 8.10am.


19 December 2014

The minutes of meeting held on Friday19 December2014 were tabled and it was agreed that the minutes were a true record of the meeting.


Stage 1 of Project Progress

Project Manager’s Report

A written report by Noel Gardneron the status of works to date was tabled and the main points advised and outlinedwere as follows:


  • The Council has awarded the contract for the boardwalk to BAC Technologies for an amount of $579,750.
  • The contract includes the Northern Viewing Deck.
  • The contract does not include the Gatehouse which has been deferred until further funds are available.
  • The Memorial Pathway will be extended a short distance(through where the Gatehouse is to be located) to connect to the end of the boardwalk and adjacent landscaped area.
  • The contractor has been on site this week to re-appraise, measure up the works for design, discuss design options, and talk to possible suppliers.
  • The proposed finish date is 18 April 2015 but contractor is aiming for 31 March 2015.
  • The deadline is very tight if wet weather or materials supply causes any holdups.
  • The contractor plans to establish onsite immediately after the Australia Day long weekend.
  • Tennant Memorial Drive will be closed to all vehicular traffic during construction but pedestrian access will be available to the Singing Ship monument.
  • Site safety and traffic control will be the responsibility of the contractor.

Project Funding

  • The Council at a Special meeting in late December 2014 resolved to allocate $200,000 in additional funds to assist with the shortfall in funding.
  • The contractor outlined the funds available at this point in time totalling $1.143million.
  • The contractor outlined works included in Stage 1 and cost estimate totalling $1.405million.
  •  Stage 1  shortfall is $262,000.
  • The undergrounding of the overhead power lines in Emu Street is not included and has been deferred.
  • The lighting on the board walk is not included and has also been deferred.

Concrete and Sandstone

  • The concreter will recommence work on 19 January 2015 as the concrete and sandstone is not yet available.

Roadworks, Drainage and Earthworks Profiling

  • Now complete with some minor issues to address.

Landscaping and Irrigation

  • Design is complete.
  • Documentation is being prepared for quotations.


  • Bill Gannon is in consultation with RSL members regarding artwork.
  • A budget of $50,000 has been set for this work.

The contractor answered some questions from committee members

Project Consultants Report

Bill Gannon had nothing to report regarding the extent of the project art work as the budget of $50,000  in Stage 1 needs to be established given the shortfall in funds available reported by the Project Manager.

Council Report

BL reported as follows:

  • As advised by the Project Manager in his report, the Council has decided to contribute a further $200,000 towards the project so that the lowest conforming tender for the boardwalk could be accepted.
  • The Council is also looking to meet the funds shortfall of $262,000 as follows:
  • The CEO has been asked to do an analysis of the Council budget to date and establish whether monies allocated to other capital projects and not likely to be spent by the 30 June 2015, can be re-allocated to this project.
  • The Council is also looking to redirect the bulk of the $135,000 spent on the Granville Street roads, drainage, and earthworks to another infrastructure budget item.
  • He is confident that the funding shortfall can be covered and he will know in the next 2 weeks.
  •  If this is the case, then a decision needs to be made on how the $50,000 artwork budget is to be spent.
  • He believes that the budget will only meet one of two preferred options:
    • Art backing at rear of the Memorial Court.
    • Noel Brady’s memorial.

Bill Gannon advised that:

  • If this was the case, then he would prefer to finish off the Memorial Court artwork.
  • However, he feels that there is a chance that both pieces of artwork can be done with the budget available.
  • He will be getting quotes for both as soon as possible.

A site meeting was held at the end of the meeting to inspect memorial art work site areas.

Funding Progress

State Government

At meeting held on 19 December 2014, BY advised that he has applied for extra funding for the project but was not in a position to provide further details at this time.

BY was absent from the meeting and there was nothing further to report on this matter.

Approaches to the Federal Member for Capricornia

The Chairman advised that matter is ongoing with the local Federal Member, Michelle Landry.

BL further advised that option to access funds through the Federal Government’s Department of Indigenous Affairs is being progressed and a meeting, which Bob Blair will be invited to is to, will be held next week in this regard.

Approaches to Corporate Businesses

Ergon Energy

Refer to Project Manager’s Report.

Emu Park RSL Sub-Branch

The Secretary reported that the Sub-Branch’s fundraising activities is continuing and around $15,000 has been raised so far for the project.

Emu Park Lions Club Contribution.

DR invited Bill Gannon to the Club’s next meeting to explain aspects of the project to his members.

Emu Park Bendigo Bank Contribution

PL reported that the $150,000 contribution to the project has not been received at this stage.


Proposed Project Open Day

The Project Manager advised that he expects the Memorial Court and landscaped area in front of Memorial Hall to be nearing completion by early March 2015 and suggested that a date to hold an Open Day be set about this time.

Memorial Walk Sub-Committee

The Secretary reported that:

  • The committee has had a meetingwith contractor, Bill Gannon, since last Steering Committee meeting to discuss the memorial aspects of the project.
  • A siting for Noel Brady’s memorial design was considered and a site has now been agreed upon.

JP :

  • Referred to the 7 columns that will be sited in the Memorial Court.
  • Advised that he has been concerned that the columns have no World War 1 significance.
  • Proposed that the columns be reduced to 5 to represent the 5 ANZAC Divisions of World War 1 and be reconfigured in the shape of the Southern Cross.

Bill Gannon agreed to take JP’s proposal on board and undertook to discuss the matter with the Project Manager.

Recognition of New Zealand Involvement

At meeting held on 8 August 2014, JP suggested that:

  • The New Zealand involvement needs to be recognised via an interpretive panel.
  • The local Capricorn Coast New Zealand expats need to be engaged and consulted.
  • The New Zealand Consulate in Canberra be also contacted.

At that meeting it was decided to put matter on hold until we decide what interpretive panels will go along the walkway.

JP advisedthat there was nothing further to report at this time.

Fundraising Thermometers.

PL advised that the two thermometers have been made but the printing of artwork is yet to be finalised.

CWA Rotunda.

The Secretary reported that in terms of decision taken at last meeting he emailed the Mayor of the Livingstone Shire Council:

  • Advising certain information concerning the rotunda.
  • Suggesting that the Council write to the Emu Park CWA welcoming their offer to assist with the refurbishment of the rotunda.
  • Proposing that the Council meet with them regarding this matter.

BL reported:

  • He met with the CWA President and other ladies on site last Thursday.
  • Bill Gannon was there to explain aspects of the Centenary of ANZAC Project and what effect it has on the rotunda.
  • The ladies were very supportive of the project.
  • The 90th Anniversary of the Emu Park CWA is in November this year and the CWA ladies would like to see the refurbishing works completed in time for the anniversary.
  • The Council is to help the CWA with the lodgement of  grants to refurbish the rotunda.
  • Further regular meetings are planned.

Donation Letter to Ratepayers

At meeting held on 28 November 2014, TW suggested that a letter be sent to Livingstone Shire Council ratepayers seeking private donations for the project.

At the meeting, the Secretary advised that the Council intends to send out a brochure in March 2015 outlining the 2015 ANZAC Commemorative Events to be held in the Livingstone Shire and this would be the opportune time to do so.

BL advised that:

  • A media release regarding the seeking of private donations for the project by the RSL has been done up by the Council.
  • A photo shoot took place earlier this week and an article is to appear in next week’s edition of the Capricorn Coast Mirror.

Centenary of ANZAC Logo and ANZAC Name

PL inquired whether the Centenary of ANZAC Logo and the ANZAC nameis to be displayed on the project site.

The committee agreed that this would be appropriate.

PL is to follow up and seek the necessary approvals for using the logo and the ANZAC name.



The Secretary suggested that the Centenary of ANZAC Precinct created be called ANZAC PLACE and an appropriate sign be erected.

Members are to consider proposal.


Friday 13 February 2015 at 8am at the Emu ParkRSL




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