Meeting 15th December 2015

Graham Scott(Deputy Mayor of Livingstone Council) – Chairman (GS)
Bill Ludwig(Mayor Livingstone Council) – (BL)
Tom Wyatt(Councillor Livingstone Council) –(TW)
Denis Ratcliffe(Emu Park Lions Club) – (DR)
Phil Luzzi(Bendigo Bank & Emu Park RSL) – (PL)
Jack Parr(Emu Park RSL) – (JP)
Barry Vains(Emu Park RSL) – Secretary(BV)
Mark Edminstone(Emu Park RSL)
Kath Coulter
Arvind Sing(Co-ordinator Projects Livingstone Council)
Bill Gannon(Project Contractor)
Noel Gardner(NGGA Civil Engineers – Project Manager)
Lance Cummings(Director Bendigo Bank)

Bill Ludwig and Tom Wyatt arrived at meeting at 5.10pm and 5.15pm respectively.

The Chairman welcomed Arvind Sing and Lance Cummings to the meeting.


3 October 2015
The minutes of meeting held on Saturday 3 October 2015 weretabled and it was agreed that the minutes were a true record of the meeting.
Stage 1 of Project
Project Manager’s Report
The Project Manager reported as follows:

  • Adjustment to lighting on screen has now been made.
  • Council is investigating whether there is a vandal proof bollard that can be used for lighting along the walkway and boardwalk in lieu of pole overhead lighting.

PL inquired whether lights on flag poles in ANZAC Court can be adjusted so they stay on all night so that the protocol for flying flags at night can be met.

Project Manager is to attend to having the adjustment made.
Stage 2 of Project
Project Manager’s Report
A written report by Noel Gardner on the status of the project to date was tabled and the main points advised and outlined were as follows:


Memorial Gatehouse

  • Quotation invitations were issued for the gatehouse building(excluding structural steel) and then separately for the structural steel.
  • Quotations closed last Friday and a report on both quotations is with Council.
  • A decision is expected by Council later this week and the building and the steelwork separately awarded.
  • Details of prices received are confidential at this point in the quotation process until awarded to the successful firms.
  • Council will address the budget at the same time as there is a slight over run to the current allocated funds.
  • Timing to complete the building will be tight but is generally on target to deliver the building mid-March to allow the artwork to be undertaken and installed in the 6 weeks leading up to ANZAC Day.

Singing Ship Precint(Inc.Northern Viewing Deck connection)

  • Preliminary design is complete.
  • He anticipates instructions from Council to proceed on final design and construction in coming week.

BL advised that Council will pick up the slight funding overrun for the Gatehouse and contracts will be awarded this week.


Project Consultants Report
Bill Gannon reported as follows:
Plaques for ANZAC Court

  • The two A3 plaques – one about the artwork, the other about the Court and landscape design – are with Digiglass for production.
  • It is anticipated they will be ready for instalment in the ANZAC Court sandstone stepping blocks(one at each end) mid-January.
  • The cost will be covered by funds from the Emu Park RSL.

Acknowledgement Plaques

  • The small plaques for the rails on the boardwalk are for Bendigo Bank(the Bridge) and the Lions Club(the Deck)
  • They have been designed and await budget estimate for production and instalment from sign writer.
  • Then we need to sort out the budget source.

Gatehouse Artwork

  • Significant research work has been undertaken.
  • The themes and sequencing of the 26 floor to ceiling panels have been agreed.
  • Mark Edminstone has recently supplied detailed information on WW1 Royal Australian Navy and Australian Flying Corps.
  • Some photograph chasing is still being pursued.
  • Graphic Designer, Michelle Black, and he are meeting this Thursday to run through the material, finish, and other options as advised by a suitably skilled sign writer(advice due Wednesday).
  • Michelle and he are working on a 15 January 2016 close of text and images to enable artwork to printer/sign writer by end January 2016.

Top Deck to Singing Ship

  • Likely areas for artwork and signage are:
  • The new semi-circular balustrade in front(seaward side) of the Singing Ship.
  • The back of the seating at rear of the deck.
  • Signage for paths to the Singing Ship and Peace Park.
  • Interpretative piece for WW2 bunker.
  • Design and costing are to be determined.

Indigenous Memorial
Project Consultant, Bill Gannon, advised that:

  • As he explained at the last meeting, the proposed siting of the memorial is included in Emu Park Foreshore Revitalisation Project masterplan.
  • Some design work has been done and this will progress in 2016.
  • He is working with Bob Blair and Margaret Rawsthorne from Emerald who has researched and identified over 200 Queensland World War 1 indigenous soldiers, and this comes with photos and stories.

Funding Stage 2 of Project
State Government
Queensland ANZAC Centenary Grants Program
BL advised that:

  • Council applied for Round 3 funding in June 2015 and they had hoped to receive between $60,000 to $80,000.
  • However, Council has been notified that grant application was unsuccessful.

State Tourism Grant
Chairman advised that State Government grant of $135,650 for the Gatehouse building has now been officially announced by the State Minister for Tourism.
Emu Park Foreshore Revitalisation Project
The Chairman:

  • Referred to Council submission for $950,000 to the State Government under the Building Our Regions funding program to assist with the financing of this $2.2 million project
  • Advised that there has been no announcements at this time but State Member for Keppel, Brittany Lauga, expects an announcement before Christmas. .

Approaches to the Federal Member for Capricornia
BL advised that:

  • He has been in discussions with the local Federal Member, Michelle Landry, about a Council application to the Stronger Regions Grant Scheme for $2.5million for infrastructure in Emu Park.
  • The application would include Commonwealth Government funding for the Emu Park Foreshore Revitalisation project.
  • However the timing for such a grant application would be most likely in the 1st half of 2016 and be before the next Federal election.

Approaches to Corporate Businesses
Ergon Energy
Matter has not progressed at this stage.
Bendigo Bank
Lance Cummins advised that:

  • Bendigo Bank will be contributing $150,000 towards the completion of the Emu Park Centenary of ANZAC project as follows:
    • $40,000 towards the cost of artwork in the Memorial Gateway.
    • $110,000 towards the construction of a link walkway from the boardwalk top viewing deck to the Singing Ship.
  • Bendigo Bank will enter into a memorandum of understanding with the Council regarding this funding commitment.
  • The Emu Park Centenary of ANZAC Project has been nominated as a project for entry into the Bendigo Bank “Hall of Fame” and this will be decided at the Bendigo Bank State Conference in March 2016.
  • They will need photographs and video of the project to support the nomination and would like to see the Bendigo Bank acknowledgement plaque up when this is done.

Matter of acknowledgement plaque was discussed.

It was decided that a meeting between Bendigo Bank representatives, Project Consultant, and Graphic Designer be organised as soon as possible so the design of the acknowledgement plague can be finalised and produced for mounting.
Emu Park RSL Sub-Branch
PL advised that:

  • The RSL Sub-Branch continues to raise funds for the project and together with the Bendigo Bankareseeking private donations from the community.
  • Presently there is $20,000 in the special account and the amount is available for artwork costs.

Emu Park Lions Club Contribution.
DR reported that:

  • The Octoberfest was not as successful as in previous years.
  • The Club will know by February what funds they have available.
  • The Club will be donating further funds to Stage 2 of the project but he feels that it will not be as much as this year.

Markets Stall

  • Reported that a stall was not set up at the markets on Sunday 15 November last due to various reasons such as people being available to run it.
  • Suggested that a stall be set up this Sunday, the 20 December, but again there was no one to run the stall.

Matter is to be considered further at the next meeting.
Memorial Walk Sub-Committee
Refer to Project Consultants report earlier.
Fundraising Thermometers.
At meeting held on 3 March 2015, PL advised that the two thermometers have been made but the signature signage is yet to be finalised.

PL advised that:

  • Two thermometers have now been made up.
  • We now have to organise where they are to be used.

Matter was discussed.

The RSL is to place a thermometer on the side of the RSL building.
CWA Rotunda.
Upgrade of Rotunda is provided for in Emu Park Foreshore Revitalisation Project masterplan.
Donation Letter to Ratepayers
At meeting held on 28 November 2014, TW suggested that a letter be sent to Livingstone Shire Council ratepayers seeking private donations for the project.

At meeting held on 3 March 2015, the committee decide to defer matter for the time being given the cyclone situation.

Matter was discussed briefly but no decision was taken.
Donation Box
At meeting held on 3 October 2015, PL suggested that a donation box be put in the Gatehouse when it is built.

At the same meeting, Bill Gannon suggested that it may be appropriate to have donation boxes at businesses in Emu Park as well.

The RSL is to consider temporally placing a donation box near the thermometer, which is to be placed on the side of the RSL building.
Donation Board
The RSL Memorial Walk Sub-Committee is presently considering such a board and its positioning.
Tennant Memorial Drive
The Secretary advised that:

  • There is a rumour floating around Emu Park that the Council is considering a change of name for Tennant Memorial Drive.
  • RSL members have raised the matter at a recent meeting and feel that it is not appropriate.

BL advised that:

  • For this to happen, a process has to be gone through by the Council.
  • As Mayor, he is not aware that a process has commenced and he certainly will not be commencing such a process.


Lifesaving Club Issues
No issues were discussed as no representative was present at the meeting
To be advised.


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