Meeting 11th September 2015

Graham Scott(Deputy Mayor of Livingstone Council) – Chairman (GS)
Bill Ludwig(Mayor Livingstone Shire) – (BL)
Tom Wyatt(Councillor Livingstone Council) – (TW)
Bob Blair(Indigenous Australian Representative) – (BB)
Phil Luzzi(Bendigo Bank and Emu Park RSL) – (PL)
Denis Ratcliffe(Emu Park Lions Club) – (DR)
Barry Vains(Emu Park RSL) – Secretary(BV)
Noel Brady(Emu Park RSL)
Jack Parr(Emu Park RSL) – (JP)
Brittany Lauga(State Member for Keppel)
Michelle Landry(Federal Member for Capricornia)
Phil McKone(Manager Planning & Design Livingstone Shire)
Glenda Mather(Councillor Livingstone Shire)
Bill Gannon(Project Contractor)
Scott Nichols(NGGA Civil Engineers – Project Manager)
Kath Coulter
Wayne Newton(Planning & Design Livingstone Council)
Noel Gardner(NGGA Civil Engineers – Project Manager)


The Chairman:

  1. Welcomed everyone to the meeting and apologised for the lack of notice.
  2. Advised that the meeting was called so as to brief members on the progress of Stage 2 of the project in light of recent developments.

Gateway Deck and Viewing Platform
The Chairman advised that:

  1. The Council has been successful in receiving a funding grant for these works from the State Department of Tourism, Major Events, Small Business and the Commonwealth Games.
  2. Funding grant is $135,650, 50% of estimate for construction costs, provided by Project Manager at the time of grant submission.
  3. Council is required to fund project $1 for $1 and will provide a further $135,650.
  4. $271,300 has been provided for the construction of the Gateway Deck and Viewing Platform in the 2015/16 budget.
  5. Guidelines and timing for the grant will be received in the next few weeks and Council has been requested to keep matter quite until the announcement is made by the State Government.

Emu Park Foreshore Revitalisation Project
BL tabled a copy of the Concept Masterplan dated September 2015 for the project and advised:

  1. To assist finance this project, a grant application for $950,000 is to be made to the State Government under the Building Our Regions funding program.
  2. The project is costed at $2.2million and the Council intend to undertake the project over the next two and a half years if the grant funds are received.
  3. The scope of works includes pathway connections and landscaping within Kerr Park to connect the ANZAC Memorial Walk and the Surf Lifesaving Club. Scope also includes all-access pathway construction for ANZAC Memorial Walk up to the Singing Ship and to Bell Park. The project will build on the success of Stage 1 of the ANZAC Memorial Walk, further increasing the tourism and economic development potential as well as being good for the community.
  4. Scope of works also provides for an Indigenous Memorial.
  5. He hopes to have an article on the proposed project in the local Capricorn Coast Mirror next week.
  6. Consultation needs to be done with the Emu Park Community and he hopes to have an Open Day at the Cultural centre in the near future.

Various matters of the Masterplan were discussed.
Queensland ANZAC Centenary Grants Program
The Chairman advised that:

  1. Council made a grant submission for Round 3 funding which closed on 9 June 2015.
  2. Council hope to receive between $60, 000 to $80,000 and monies will be used for Art Work if funds are forth coming.
  3. Results should be known by early November 2015.


Stage 2 Priority Works
Given the preceding information, it was agreed that the priority of works for Stage 2 be:

  1. Gateway Deck and Viewing Platform given that funding for works is in place.
  2. Linkage between Singing Ship and Viewing Platform.
  3. Art Work.

Project Manager advised that for Gateway Deck and Viewing Platform:

  1. Concept design is now complete.
  2. Works are now fully documented.
  3. Costings are being completed.

It was RESOLVEDthat:

  1. Tender documentation for the Gateway Deck and Viewing Platform be prepared by the ProjectManager and tenders sought.
  2. Design work for other aspects of the project be also  prepared.

Emu Park Bendigo Community Bank
PL advised that Bendigo Bank Directors will meet with Project Consultant, Bill Gannon, next Wednesday and soon after that a decision will be made on what further monies will be contributed to the project and where the money is to be spent.
Emu Park Lions Club

  1. Congratulated the Council, and in particular, Project Manager, Noel Gardner, on the works done to date for Stage 2 of the project.
  2. Advised that the Club will be providing further funds to assist with the financing of Stage 2 of the project.

To be arranged after the Project Manager completes his work.

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